Exuviance® Wrinkle Smooth Topical Peptide


A forehead-smoothing Neuropeptide face serum formulated to diffuse wrinkles, smooth visible frown lines and support skin’s hydrating matrix.

Achieve your best skin with formulas chosen for your intention. Charge your skin with the benefits of this potent concentrated serum of proven benefit ingredients, designed to encourage a smooth look for the skin, especially the upper half of the face. A scientifically advanced neuropeptide targets dynamic motion-induced wrinkles, smoothing the appearance of frown lines on the forehead, between brows and around the eyes. Over time, a dual-firming blend of Aminofil and CitraFill targets the skin’s own support matrix, so your skin looks naturally more youthful. Plus, your skin is instantly rewarded as optical brighteners reflect light, diffusing the appearance of wrinkles.



Key Ingredients:


Aminofil + CitraFill,

Optical brighteners


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