Exuviance® Daily Resurfacing Peel CA10


A one-step, daily face peel formulated with 10% Citric Acid to lightly exfoliate and provide a daily defence against environmental aggressors.

Now you can safely and easily incorporate a peel in your everyday skincare routine with our one-step pad that doesn’t require rinsing or waiting time: moisturiser and makeup can be applied right away. Our expert peel solution is formulated to resurface your complexion, lightly exfoliating dead surface cells and rough spots to uncover gorgeously smooth, younger-looking skin. This essential step prepares the skin, optimising the application of subsequent skincare steps, and creates the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application. Plus, the antioxidant power of 10% Citric Acid provides added everyday defence against ageing environmental stressors.



Key Ingredients:

10% Citric Acid (AHA)

After one use: *

100% smoother texture

100% more even skin tone

*Percentage of respondents noting improvement


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