Exuviance® CitraFirm FACE Oil


A firming face oil that targets the visible signs of ageing and supports the skin’s natural collagen and lipid barrier.

This elegant face oil concentrates CitraFill plus a blend of Vitamins F, A, C and E and light botanical oils to target visible signs of ageing, supporting the skin’s natural collagen and lipid barrier for a firmer look.

4% CitraFill, a non-acid Citric Acid compound, supports the skin’s natural firming collagen.

4.5% level of Vitamins F, A, C, and E condition skin and defend against environmental stressors that can accelerate the look of skin ageing.

7 light botanical oils including Rosehip, Apricot, Cranberry, Marula, and Argan deeply nourish skin, targeting the skin’s lipid barrier to restore a feeling of suppleness.

Formulated for all skin types including dry, lacklustre skin or skin experiencing a loss of firmness. Non-irritating, dermatologist tested.



Key Ingredients:

4% CitraFill

4.5% Vitamins F, A, C, E


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