Derma Genesis Microdermabrasion - Heathfield

Derma Genesis Microdermabrasion - Heathfield

Microdermabrasion is a technique that resurfaces, cleans and smooths the skin.  Your safety is paramount; we minimize any blood born viral risk (e.g., active cold sores, HIV, Hepatitis) as all equipment used during the procedure is thoroughly sterilized as per strict industry and government standards.

This unique and effective technique cleans the skin via a vacuuming action which empties the blocked pores with a suction technique. The second phase uses a fine jet of inert crystals which are sprayed onto the skin surface. This has the effect of gently smoothing the skin and removing the outer layer of dead cells via gentle abrasion.

The procedure is relatively painless, has rapid and predictable results and needs no injections or anaesthesia. It is safe and quick, with no downtime. Most treatments will involve a maximum of four microdermabrasion procedures. Your Therapist will individualize your treatment which may include topical creams and a range of products for you to apply at home. Combined with adequate Microdermabrasion therapy, this will ensure the best possible result. In summary, microdermabrasion is a safe, predictable and effective treatment.

Microdermabrasion can effectively treat a variety of skin conditions.

  • Acne
  • Large pore
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Solar damaged skin
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